Bring Mediterranean dreams into your interior space.

Maison of Hand brings the delicate fragrances of Mare Nostrum "Our Sea" by way of Tunisian style and craftsmanship to transform your home into a retreat for the senses.

Our products are all handmade by Tunisian artisans who effortlessly blend a traditional spirit with modern design, delivering a refined decorative taste and masterfully functional aspect to your living spaces.

Each original piece is made of eco-friendly materials such as olive wood, seagrass, bulrush and reclaimed vintage wood. In addition, our rugs and traditional burnous garments are sourced from local villages and then restored to make a minimum impact on the environment..

Our traditional pottery is fired the traditional way over wood fires, with sublime Berber motifs drawn by hand, coming from the heritage of the Ancient City of Sejnane, the city with a thousand storks!

We are delighted to exclusively offer you couches, chairs, armchairs, tables, lights and all as unique symbols of Mediterranean Tunisia re-imagined for the modern home.